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Center of Financial Studies

The Center of Financial Studies (CFS) is a research center at the Faculty of Economics of the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens. Its main objectives are:

  • promotion of studies and applied research on the subjects of finance and more broadly of economic growth concerning Greek economy, as well as the problems related to these
  • organization of training seminars for University graduates and business executives on financial analysis, management of financial organizations and other companies, as well as on new methods and products
  • training, improvement and special knowledge for the University graduates in order to enhance their professional skills in a developing and continually differentiated Greek financial market;
  • development of data bases for the international and Greek capital markets, which are essential for the study of finance
  • cooperation with other Greek and foreign Universities, institutions and businesses, in accordance with the above aims and objectives.

The main research activities of the CFS include studies in the following areas:

  • Money and Capital Markets
  • Corporate finance
  • Corporate Governance and Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Theory of the firm and entrepreneurship
  • Research, technology, innovation and the information society

 The educational activities of the CFS include seminars in the following areas:

  • Corporate finance and capital markets
  • Training in regulation of the employees of Capital Market Commission
  • Money and Capital Markets
  • Stock market activity and investments
  • Capital investment and portfolios with computers
  • Portfolios and risk evaluation
  • Brokers - Institutional Investors and Capital Management
  • Sources and methods of raising capital in a Stock Exchange
  • New financial products
  • Investment Banking: new financial products

Director: Professor Panayotis Alexakis

Location: 5 Stadiou str., 2nd floor, Athens