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Is this Program an MSc?

The Program, upon successful completion, grants each participant the Certificate in Internal Audit. Although the course structure and educational process are of a postgraduate level, it is not an MSc Program. A crucial reason for this is that the Program aims at offering specialized-targeted and applied education on the subject of internal audit, that excludes certain theoretical modules that would otherwise have to be included to an MSc program. In this way, emphasis is put on the strong connections with the business world and the collaboration with the relevant internal audit companies and institutions. This equips the program with up-to-date techniques, methodology and case studies for its participants and with instructors who combine long working experience in internal audit, along with teaching and training experience. Furthermore, in this way the Program possesses a continuous flexibility to restructure or change applied courses according to recent developments and needs of internal audit. Structured in this way the Program aims to equip each participant with sufficient applied knowledge, in addition to professional qualifications provided, making him/her stand firmly while working in his/her internal audit profession.

What are the advantages of this program?

The advantages of the Internal Audit Program are:

  • Specialized knowledge in internal audit
  • Solid and up-to-date structure and material of courses
  • Two-month on the job practice
  • Strong connections with the business world (EY and SAS Institute)
  • Solid collaborations with the institutional bodies of internal audit in Greece (HACFE and ISACA Athens Chapter)
  • Anti-Fraud Education Partnership with ACFE
  • Endorsement by the Institute for Internal Controls (IIC) - CICA certification
  • Substantial knowledge to the participants aiming at professional certifications (CIA, CFE, CISA etc)
  • Three awards of excellence leading to 12-month full employment on internal audit at EY Greece 
  • Excellent and experienced staff of instructors who combine long teaching, training and working experience
  • Implementation in English language

Are CIA or CFE certifications granted upon completion of the program?

The program does not grant the CIA or the CFE certificates. However, the basic material for both examinations is covered by the program’s courses, therefore enabling significantly the candidate that wishes to take these exams.

Is attendance to the program compulsory?

Attendance to the program is compulsory. A 10% absence of total teaching hours is allowed.

I do not have an economics background. Can I attend the program?

The program is open to a variety of academic fields; it is not restrictive to economics (or finance, accounting, marketing, business etc). Indicative examples of sufficient background are law, mathematics and computer science, among others.

Is the program supported by LAEK (0,45%)?

The program is supported by OAED-LAEK. For details (such as eligibility, requirements, procedure, etc) contact your company (e.g. HR or accounting department). Further information can also be found here.

What is the level of English that is required?

The Internal Audit Program is conducted in English (notes, lectures, exams), therefore participants should be fluent.

I do not reside in Athens. How can I attend the program?

At the moment the program requires physical presence by the participants. Distance learning option is under consideration.